Admission profile

Applicants to study in this master's program must have:

1. Knowledge of a bachelor's degree in any of the following areas: Life Sciences (Animal Biology and Zoology, Botany, Evolution, Microbiology, Entomology, Ethology, Environment), Agronomic and Veterinary (Agronomy, Veterinary, Fish and Wild Animals, Forestry), and other related careers or those determined by the MBIByC Academic Commission as related to these disciplines.

2. Knowledge of the English language to understand texts of the scientific literature on issues of biology, management and biological conservation.

3. Ability to communicate orally and in writing in Spanish language information on issues of biological diversity, management and conservation of natural resources.

4. Values ​​such as responsibility, honesty, collaboration, respect, initiative and ability to work in a team.

5. Determination for research work.

6. Commitment to devote full time to your master's degree studies if accepted.